Our tribe

The faces behind the newsletter

Michael Adeolu

Lagos, Nigeria

Standing 5ft7 more or less, all the way from the west coast of Africa in the heart of the city of Lagos, I’m Adeolu Michael, a personal development coach, writer and modern day nerd and I’m excited to share with you.

Sophia Loren Heriveaux

New York City , USA

Sophia is a New York City based producer, screenwriter & director of both narrative and documentary films, and since 2017 has operated her production company Goldfin Films.

Mark Bacon

massachusetts, USA

Hey, I’m mark- a university student studying Computer Science, Psycholinguistics, and Game Design in New York City. A hobbyist, a martial artist, an all-around generalist, I feel as though I’ve picked up some things throughout the past several years. I look forward to sharing it all with everyone!

Luisa Kramer

Florianópolis, brazil

Hey! My name’s Luisa and you’ll most likely find me outside with a backpack full of books and journals doing a handstand against a tree. I’ve created a world of my own inside my head, a world I’ve been too afraid to share. Thank you for listening to the little tidbits I let out.

Carter Uslabar

Wisconsin, USA

Carter Uslabar is a student, writer, and artist from Wisconsin.

Wilson Texas

Lagos, nigeria

I’m an old soul that’s passionate about people and learning.

Aina Aleeya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi! I’m Aina and I’m an A-level graduate from the class of 2020. I’m currently on a gap year before heading off as an undergraduate student. There are a lot of facets to my personality so hopefully, you’ll be able to see those different parts through the blog posts. I’m super honored to be working with the Tribe you see here <3 

Serena Schwanek

Buenos Aires, Argentina